About Neil Bussey

Neil, based in London, manages our UK and European clients

Neil Bussey is a dual national and International Business Manager who has spent the last fifteen years working across both Europe and Australasia for market leading companies. His work has always involved the sale of complex products and services to broad customer bases and segments, where pricing is a dynamic challenge.

Neil is MBA educated and majored in Strategic Management, with additional strong interests in entrepreneurship and the influencing of consumer behaviour. He was schooled in marketing science by senior figures at the world renowned Ehrenberg-Bass Institute and takes a scientific view on pricing optimisation.

Neil believes that pricing is a function of consumer behaviour which is too complex a phenomenon to create predictive models for. Instead, he advocates the scientific analysis of client’s data to establish historical patterns of consumer behaviour that guides future pricing decisions. Sophisticated algorithms can then optimise pricing and identify opportunities for clients to maximise their profitability.

As an entrepreneur, Neil embraces this exciting new frontier in both marketing and pricing methodology. It is a field which transcends business types and addresses a challenge that gets to the very heart of running any successful “for profit” business. What should I charge for my products and services?

Having spent nearly six years working in a national capacity in Australia, Neil has now returned to Europe with his wife and young family.

Neil Bussey

Neil Bussey