About Ron Wood – Pricing Expert

As the Founder and Director of Pricing Insight and one of Australia’s leading pricing experts, Ron is a regular speaker for the International CEO Forum, International CFO Forum, American Chamber of Commerce and Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply. He is also the author of Pricing Insight’s executive training program, Pricing Masterclass.

Ron has trained over two thousand senior executives in value based pricing techniques and margin enhancement strategies, and has devised unique and internationally recognised programs, equipping executives with the skills needed to deal with pricing challenges in a practical and pragmatic way.

His unique approach to consulting is the result of delivering real world pricing solutions for over fifteen years to ASX and NYSE listed companies in Australasia, South East Asia and the USA. His experiences span industries of manufacturing, financial services, construction, capital equipment, metals, retail FMCG, air freight, tourism and agriculture.

His commercial experience spans Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and the United States, as well as working with businesses from Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Vietnam and French Polynesia.

His consulting clients include some of Australia’s largest Private Equity, ASX and Fortune 500 listed companies and he works with C-level and senior sales, marketing and finance executives to build commercially effective margin improvement solutions.

Ron works closely with sales, marketing and commercial teams to develop value based pricing solutions to generate margin and profit improvement.

Ron Wood

Ron Wood

Managing Director, Pricing Insight

Keynote Speaking

Ron is available to speak at conferences and public events in the area of value and pricing strategy.

Previous speaking engagements include:

  • Sandvik International CEO Conference, WTC Amsterdam
  • CFO Forum, Sydney
  • CEO Forum, Sydney & Melbourne
  • CEO Institute
  • CIPSA, Melbourne (2010-2011)
  • American Chamber of Commerce Conference, Sydney
  • Pricing Insight Masterclass Series, Sydney & Melbourne