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Gross Margins are under pressure from a range of sources

Which challenges do you have in your business?

Many companies have a limited pricing capability that put margins at risk

Where is your company right now?

Without the ability manage all of the profit levers

And as a result, get negotiated into the tactical quadrant

Lost margin and missed earnings targets

There is a solution to reduce margin risk and drive earnings growth

We helped Hyster forklifts lift profits by $3.0M USD on $100M in revenues

  • Hyster & Yale dealer network focused on low margin easy sell product range
  • Limited or lax controls of pricing and discounting at OEM country distributor level
  • Aftermarket pricing unsophisticated
Outcome Required
  • Return the division to profitability – post $150K loss on revenues of $100M
  • Implement pricing platform and toolset to improve margins
  • Build after market pricing strategy
Action Taken
  • Diagnostic analysis of revenue, margins and profit by model and dealer – leading new pricing strategy
  • Develop quoting tools to optimise unit volume and cash margin
  • Long tail price optimisation of after market product range

We helped Staples write $6.8M on $80M revenues

Staples Stationery
  • Long tail of products with cost plus mark up pricing
  • Excessive discount levels
  • No dedicated pricing focus leading to pricing mistakes and margin loss
Outcome Required
  • Re pricing of long tail of products to identify margin improvements
  • New pricing strategy and structure to manage pricing within new SAP system environment
  • Build a pricing management function to maintain and protect pricing gains
Action Taken
  • 5000 items re-priced leading 6.8M EBIT gain in Year 1 = 1000% ROI
  • New price list and discount structure implemented – more accuracy and reduced margin risk
  • Hired pricing management team to further refine and optimise pricing
  • Using techniques developed by Pricing Insight
Staples Stationery

We helped Cummins engines find more pricing power

Cummins Engines
  • Cummins’ pricing set using cost plus mark up
  • Team misalignment on optimal pricing strategy
  • Sales teams using heavy discounting to close sales
Outcome Required
  • Improve EBIT results by 2-3% points
  • Create a common language for pricing and value across the business
  • Create belief and focus on pricing across the business to support margin expansion
Action Taken
  • Pricing and value diagnostic undertaken showing exact areas of margin risk and where to focus efforts
  • Series of workshops with sales and marketing teams to educate and build skills
Cummins Engines

Extensive experience working with teams across multiple industries

Pricing Insight Workshop
Pricing Insight Workshop
Pricing Insight Workshop
Pricing Insight Workshop
Pricing Insight Workshop
Pricing Insight Workshop

Pricing Insight has developed a comprehensive program of diagnostics, workshops and analytic tools to engage teams, develop solutions and drive implementation of pricing capability and margin expansion throughout a business.

Wide ranging industry experience

Pricing Insight has been asked by the following industries to help them improve profitability:

Building Material Industry

Generated $7.5M on $250M for an ANZ Timber company

Corporate Service Industry

Generated $6.8M for Corporate Express [STAPLES] on revenues of $80M

Distribution Industry

Generated $1.5M on revenues of $40M


Optimised trade spend and promotional allowances saving $4.3M through Woolworths & Coles

Medical Technology

Generated $2.7M year 1 $4.2M Year 2 on revenues of $45M across non-prosthesis list products through private and public hospitals

Current and recent clients

Adelaid Brighton Cement
Liberty One Steel
ITW Construction Systems
Michael Hill
Michael Hill
Michael Hill
Michael Hill
Michael Hill

Client Evaluations

David Slayter David SlayterCFO, Stuart Alexander & Co.

The critical research and analysis undertaken by Ron Wood and his team at Pricing Insight enabled Stuart Alexander & Co. Management to better understand the price positioning of a range of products against the competition.

This research also enabled an understanding of price positioning within channels and was critical in identifying the strategies necessary to drive the greatest margin impact for the business.

Scott Deane Scott DeaneCEO, Learning Seat

I just want to say thanks for all the hard work, effort and strategic thinking you have put into helping us develop our value based sales model. Your ability to declutter our pricing and to help our team better understand the value of the solutions they are selling and risks associated with clients not using our services will be invaluable to us going forward.

“You have a unique way of presenting your considerable expertise and challenging your audience to think and act and I would recommend anyone considering using your services to do so.”

Mark Jago Mark JagoPartner, Advent Capital

Pricing Insight were engaged by Advent Partners to assist in developing pricing and margin strategies for several of our investee companies. In one case they helped us generate an incremental EBITDA lift of 20% through the application of sophisticated price modelling techniques. We continue to use Pricing Insight for due diligence and our 100 day plans.

Stuart Alexander
Learning Seat
Advent Partners

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