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Pricing Insight are specialist B2B Industrial pricing strategy advisors that help innovative and action-oriented CEOs to improve profitability.

How we do it

We generate incremental profit growth for our clients in three distinct ways:

  1. Pricing Strategy Diagnostics – A numbers and insights [Quant & Qual] led program to identify the right pricing strategy and operating capability for your business.
  2. Price Optimisation – A value based algorithmic approach to price setting that generates 100-900 basis points of margin across 30-50% of a company’s addressable revenues.
  3. Price Training – A professional development program to empower your team to make more profitable pricing decisions.

Our Philosophy

Pricing Insight are not another big consulting firm.

We are specialist pricing experts with over 21 years industry experience.

We make complex pricing challenges easy, using a systematic and structured approach to pricing strategy to allow you to focus on leading the business through the next phase of growth.

Our focus is to deliver practical pricing strategy advice and insights, generate cash margin earnings without risk to volumes and, empower your staff to make more strategic and profitable pricing decisions.

Whether you are contemplating an SAP implementation project and need a new pricing architecture to fit the SAP system, or in need of immediate cash margin expansion to drive earnings growth or want to transform your company culture from a cost plus commodity mindset to a value based pricing centre of excellence, we will help you realise these outcomes.

We are able to work across industries and have extensive experience in B2B industrial markets for both products and services.

We have also provided advice and undertaken price optimisation programs for Retail, FMCG and Service based companies.

Regardless of industry, our approach is customised to suit your specific business needs.

We will implement the required disciplines and capabilities needed to improve margins using tested and proven methodologies.

Case Studies


Fitness First
Adelaide Brighton
Advent Partners
Barbeques Galore
Boston Scientific
Cater Holt Harvey
Learning Seat
Michael Hill
Stuart Alexander

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We are specialist pricing strategy experts with over 20 years experience working with teams across multiple industries

Building Materials
Corporate Services
Medical Technology

Our focus is on education and empowerment of your staff to make more profitable pricing decisions and cash generation to validate our pricing strategy recommendations.

We help CEO’s improve profitability via:

  • Development of a culture of value based pricing
  • Building cross functional teams with a common pricing language
  • Generating $2.0 – $7.0M EBITDA gains within 12 months via algorithmic repricing and optimisation of product and service portfolio