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Ron Wood

Founder and Managing Director of Pricing Insight, Ron Wood, has travelled the world teaching executives advanced pricing techniques to generate more profitable revenue growth.


As Australia’s most experienced pricing expert, over the last two decades, Ron has worked with more than 100+ ASX, Fortune 500, and Private Equity owned companies. Ron has delivered highly engaging keynote speaking sessions to many thousands of professionals across Australia and around the world.

During his accomplished career, Ron Wood has also been a keynote speaker for many years for the CEO Institute and the American Chamber of Commerce. Ron is renowned for delivering practical sessions designed to generate immediate application and substantial results.

Having Ron present this thinking to your business can accelerate progress and create awareness and interest in new ideas. Ron is a powerful presenter who can positively influence and motivate broad and diverse groups of people within organisations.

Ron’s keynote sessions can stimulate your teams to think more deeply or prepare them to take the next step in the journey.

With some light humour and everyday, easy-to-understand examples, Ron’s session will show your team how to move away from commodity mindsets and cost-plus pricing methods to more profitable and productive ways of working together.

Ron is available to speak at annual conferences, seminars, off-site training days, and industry body presentations. He can present a keynote speaking session, or a longer practical workshop, depending on the time available.

Ron can present one of his most popular sessions (as listed below), or his sessions can be customised to your specific commercial requirements. Before engagement, Ron will work with you to ensure the session is strategically aligned with your broader business objectives and will deliver tangible results for your teams.

Some of Ron’s speaking topics include:

  1. Sales & Negotiation: How to Identify and Sell Value to Customers
  2. 8 Forms of Margin Erosion: Identify and Mitigate Potential Margin Risk
  3. How to Take an Effective Price Increase
  4. Customer Pricing Psychology techniques and tricks
  5. Strategic Pricing Initiatives and quick wins planning session
  6. Professional services pricing – hourly rates or fixed fees?


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Pricing Insight has been engaged by some of the largest Fortune 500, ASX and Private Equity businesses in Australia at C-Level and Director Level.  In fact, over 150 companies have engaged Pricing Insight over the past 15 years to assist them generate more profitable revenue growth.

These companies have presented us with complex pricing challenges that require real world expertise to solve. Our frameworks, methodologies, and experience, will help you to generate new ideas, skills and outcomes that deliver sustainable margin expansion and EBITDA growth.

We look forward to working with you and your team to solve your complex sales, pricing, and margin challenges.

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