Value Based Sales
& Negotiation Strategy

  • Are your prices under pressure from customers and competitors?
  • Do you have a superior product or service vs. competitors?
  • Has traditional sales and negotiation training not delivered the expected results?

Your Challenges:

You may have observed the following in your company:

  • Undefined value drivers and a commodity mindset
  • Excessive discounting to win or retain business
  • Evidence of “cost plus” or “commodity mindsets” inherent in both sales teams and customers
  • Increased discounting in response to perceived pricing pressure from competitors and/or customers
  • Complex and challenging negotiations with procurement
  • Inability to implement targeted price increases

What is a Value-Based Sales & Negotiation Strategy Workshop?

A Value-Based Sales & Negotiation Strategy Workshop is a fast, cost-effective way to bring teams together to create a shared understanding of value.

A workshop will enable teams to develop new marketing, pricing, sales, and negotiation approaches and reduce the margin risks of cost-plus pricing, commodity mindsets, or discounting to win or retain business.

The workshop program can run as a half-day, one-day or comprehensive two-day program.

How it works: A 4-step approach

Having run hundreds of workshops worldwide with over 4,500 executives, we have found the following 4-steps to be the most effective approach to drive participant engagement and workshop outcomes.

  1. Pre-planning: scoping of workshop objectives and required outcomes with the management team
  2. Prework: participants read and complete exercises in the Value-Based Sales & Negotiation Strategy Workbook
  3. Workshop: summary workshop report will be provided. Quick-win recommendations can be provided as an additional service
  4. Post-workshop: Coaching and advice to support the implementation of initiatives can be provided as an additional service

Onsite or Offsite/Venue Choices:

Workshops are usually run onsite at your premises or a nominated offsite location.

Benefits of running a Value-Based Sales & Negotiation Strategy Workshop

  1. Increase your sales and negotiation power by learning new techniques to define, communicate and capture more value
  2. Gain alignment and focus on the right pricing strategy and tactics to reduce margin erosion risks
  3. Create a culture of commitment and ownership to implement new value-based sales and marketing initiatives

Workshop Outcomes:

  1. Develop a series of quick wins and long-term strategic objectives to drive margin expansion
  2. Build strategic partnerships with customers to maximise share of wallet, margins and retention
  3. Generate more profitable revenue growth at higher margins

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